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1970s Women's Suits

Women's suits from the 1970s

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  • 1970's Pant Set with 20's  Art Deco images

    1970's Pant Set with 20's Art Deco images


    Slink Poly nylon knit feels so good in this 60's- 70's hip pant set. Dig the cats Meow 20's images that can make a gal just blush! This is an extra small in every way. Read on, you'll be glad you did

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  • ruby red pantsuit 1

    1970s Ruby Red Pantsuit

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    Take a turn from traditional cocktail attire. This ruby-red pantsuit from the 1970s is sure to be a hit. A Leslie Fay original, the soft satin-finish polyester is in excellent condition. The bodice and sleeve cuffs are adorned with rhinestone buttons. A belt cinches your waist, ensuring a chic silhouette. The super-wide legs can give the illusion of a skirt, but you’ll love the ease of wearing pants.

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  • 300-1970s-western-suit

    Bedazzled Peach Western Style Suit Small


    Yippeeyio!  Perfect for a 1970s Western event, this suit will dazzle the crowds while showing off the peach and white marbled faux stone decals.  This pant suit will make you stand out with its bedazzled flowers and starburst detailing.  Scroll down, click on the thumbnails and you will enlarge the photo.  Features include a stretch elastic waist, flattering cinched jacket and a bellbottomed pant. 

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  • Disco Pantsuit

    Disco Pantsuit

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  • Escada Pant Suit

    Fierce Escada Pant Suit


    Escada was founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in Munich, Germany. The company soon stood out, with its distinctive creations featuring unusual combinations of colors and patterns, exclusive embroidery, and elaborately designed knitted fashions. Escada saw a rapid upswing and continually extended its collections and its creative work.

    This form-fitting and functional pant suit is a stunning example of the Ley's work at the height of their popularity in the late 80s. Learn More

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