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It's pretty easy for us gals to whip something together for Halloween that's cute sexy and even scary, but not so much for our male counterparts. Sometimes they just don't want t to play dress up! When it comes to couple costumes, well there's always the obvious... Gangster and Doll, Minny and Mickey, Lucy and Dezi, Flapper and Gangster, Bobby Socker and Greaser, Bide and Frankenstein, you catch my drift. Over the many years of dressing Halloween Party goers, I've come to expect the unexpected and usually disappointed. This year Buffalo Gal Vintage brings out the big guns for the guys. Ladies, you will easily get your man to embrace his inner early cowboy " WIld WIld West" or inventor and time traveler as you enjoy a Gothic Turn of the Century lady. with all the trappings. Check out Buffalo gal's Halloween sale on costumes and buy Steampunk clothing for less. Enter coupon Code Halloween Boo at check out and save 25% off. Happy Halloween from Buffalo Gal and her Buffalettes.

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Buffalo Gal Vintage brings you a summer line of original vintage 1960s day dresses. They are right in line with the current Mad Men television series era. The dresses are all new dead stock and the original tags were removed for dry cleaning. Enjoy the vintage dress look for less, as these dresses are all low cost and reasonably priced. Some are even on sale!

Have fun with the dresses and update the look with a pair of current style heels or stay Old School and grab a pair of legging, wedge heels or pick up a pair of go-go boots from our shoe department. So, get your Goldie Hawn on and do the pony or the jerk dance moves and twist to the latest trend. 

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Besame Classic LipsticksNot only does Buffalo Gal vintage have dresses like those featured in the Oscar winner "The Artist," we also have Bésame Products used in the film! Bésame Cosmetics focuses on vintage inspired make-up that exudes the old-world glamour in both the color ranges and the styling of the containers themselves. The gold accented packaging is so beautiful and period appropriate that they were used on-screen in shooting the 1920s period film "The Artist." This line of product's is anything but black and white however!

Not just for the modern day flapper, Bésame has the perfect colors for your vintage inspired dreams for any decade. Lipsticks include matte and shimmering finishes in true deep reds, delicious pinks and sultry corals. These products are available on our website, but stop in the store to try them for yourself. Buffalo Gal Vintage has Bésame foundation, rich lipsticks and rouges, and even daring eyeshadows and liners. Your perfect matches are waiting for you!

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Besame Cosmetics Featured in The Artist


These products have been featured in many articles and blogs including Vogue! Follow this link to read an article raving about these products:


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St. Petersburg Time's Bay Magazine

Nov 4, 2011 11:46:48 AM

St. Petersburg Time's Bay Magazine did a brilliant job on this October/November issue. This Fall Fashion editorial focuses on Good and Evil and creeps into our remembrance of classic fairy tales. Buffalo Gal blushes with pride having been be asked to participate. Bay Magazine photographer Edmund D. Fountain and stand - up writer and Stylist Suzette Moyer produce another winning "outside of the box" fashion forecast! Thank ya kindly Bay Magazine...the pleasure, as always...is all mine.

Fairest Of Them All pages 51-59

their http://www.tampabay.com/bay/

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