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A Few Guidelines for Dressing Steampunk

Sep 2, 2014 10:53:49 AM

A few guidelines for dressing Steampunk

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery,[1] especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century. Steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West", in a post-apocalyptic future during which steam power has regained mainstream use, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power. Wikimedia related to Steampunk.


Since the Victorians were the first to create steam technology, most steampunk takes place in the Victorian world or inspired by it. You can’t be “too Victorian”, as long as you have created an outfit that is splendid to you and engages others; your style is on track. No need to feel obliged or second-guess yourself into including “steampunk status symbols” (goggles, clock parts or industrial metal objects) if they do not work with the vision you are attempting to produce, go with the less is more rule.

 As far as color, there is no “steampunk color.” Some people believe it is only brown, black or only light... Virtually any color can be steampunk. As I drive around my hometown of Buffalo, News York, I am surprised and delighted to see restored Victorian Homes is brilliant colors. Embrace the colorful aspects of this era gone-by. Remember, steampunk is set in a world of comparatively advanced technology, so it is perfectly reasonable to have vibrant colors and complicated machine-made patterns.

 You are allowed to like other genres. If you like a style of fashion that does not fit into the industrial age, for example:  Mod 60s, you can utilize the mechanical parts of that period. Then it becomes a sister to the steampunk industrial feel but it is not steam punk… all be it cool and expressive. Go ahead and expand, and explore. Be diverse and well-rounded with differing interests. Let that be a source of pride. Have fun and be yourself. That’s what this is about...

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Whether you’re a fan of the early 1960’s more formal Jackie Onassis ( Famous Channel Suit) ,spill over look from the 1950's fashions or the mid 1960’s Audrey  mod higher hemline fashions, the 1960s offer a broad range of fashion favorites for every woman. Even the late 1960s can meet the needs of the more radical or spirited hippie Flower Power Gals and early disco.


 With her long brunette bangs and embracing classic fun style Zoey  Deschanel has caught the eye of the everyday  fashionistas and Hollywood’s stylist. Her look is timeless and she has a mix of vintage fashion with accent of current trends.

  As you look through Buffalo Gal Vintage’s “true to period” site’s 1950’s – 1960’s women’s vintage clothing, keep in mind alterations you’d like to make. Perhaps the garment may need shortening for your desired look or remove the sleeves and add a vest or current trend jacket?

 Removing sleeves, any one can do this  with the right implement and a pair of scissors. Hemming a garment, if you do not sew, may require some cost. Still it’s well worth the investment. Remember you are purchasing authentic vintage dress and separates verses purchasing from today’s manufactures which use cost cutting techniques such as leaving out pockets, details, better construction and very inexpensive fabrics. Like the saying goes: “They just don’t make it like they use to.”

Much of Buffalo Gal Vintage’s retro clothing is new dead stock. This means the product came to us with tags and never worn. That said, all of our vintage dresses and vintage separates have been laundered and dry cleaned and the tags were removed for cleaning.

As you develop your personal style, feel free to contact us with questions.

Buffalo Gal tips her hat to all ya’ll groovy 60’s vintage fashion chicks. 

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This Fourth of July, Buffalo Gal Celebrates with a Red, White and You Swim Wear Sale Save up to 50% off Vintage and Vintage Style Bathing Suits

  Have a hard time knowing what’s a great suit for you? Here are a few tips to having you doing laps all summer.

Busty Hourglass: Halter type suits will give you the lift you need or look to a bustier or swim bra. Swim suits have come a long way and swim wear designers like Fables by Barrie really take a load off busy gals

Big Bust and Short Torso: Solid colors will really make waves. Look for lower leg holes like boy shorts. They will give you a long and trim appearance.


Big Bust: Roomy cups provide full coverage and an underwire gives lift.

Not so Shapley Bust and Full Thighs: Try the swim bra featured above. It will give you a boost. Fuller thigh gals look to high cut bottoms. It will slim you legs and create height.


Classic Pear Shape: Defiantly balance out your proportions with a bust boosting top and higher cut bottoms.

Thick waist and No Hips: Welcome to my world. Blouse styled swim wear is comfy, roomy and still gives you curves.


Petite all Over: Look to prints they add substance to a small frame. Go for the deep V plunge neckline. It will turn your athletic build into a more womanly shape. The deep V plunge also applies to the thick waist no hips gal.


Thick waist and short torso gals. The center color enhances the waist line.

The classic suits Buffalo Gal Vintage features will never be out of style and will have you keeping America beautiful.

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Buffalo Gal Vintage brings you a summer line of original vintage 1960s day dresses. They are right in line with the current Mad Men television series era. The dresses are all new dead stock and the original tags were removed for dry cleaning. Enjoy the vintage dress look for less, as these dresses are all low cost and reasonably priced. Some are even on sale!

Have fun with the dresses and update the look with a pair of current style heels or stay Old School and grab a pair of legging, wedge heels or pick up a pair of go-go boots from our shoe department. So, get your Goldie Hawn on and do the pony or the jerk dance moves and twist to the latest trend. 

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