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Mar 8, 2014 10:40:06 AM

1920's Fashion Roars Again

1920’s fashion roars again. Over the last few years ,the 1920’s have celebrated a roll back. From rolled down hose, to the style of Gatsby dresses, the 1920’s have once again jazzed our hearts. Although high fashion runways and magazines began to flaunt 1920s in 2012 the re appearance of the 1920’s style is now in 2014 main stream. The general population is grabbing up the designs without, feeling out of place.


Buffalo Gal Vintage celebrates the 1920’s as part of their fashion main stay. Loving the slim roaring 20’s look, Buffalo Gal has always been an era favorite.  More and more popular  it is current fashion for cocktail parties and bridal parties.

New reproductions are frequently the way to go as the original piece are dry rot and too delicate  for wearing.

For women, the 1920’s celebrated the freedom of movement. With celebrated dancer Isadora Duncan and Women’s Right to Vote, hemlines raised to the knee . Fashion was heavily influenced by the discover of King Tut’s tomb, surrealism and or cubism. This gave way to the geometric shapes of art deco.

Regardless of today’s women’s shape, you can find a 1920’s dress that is flattering, loose fitted and comfortable.

Browse through Buffalo Gal Vintage’s bridal, cocktail a day dress and find a style that will have you feeling like you are back in the Golden Age. 

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This Fourth of July, Buffalo Gal Celebrates with a Red, White and You Swim Wear Sale Save up to 50% off Vintage and Vintage Style Bathing Suits

Have a hard time knowing what’s a great suit for you? Here are a few tips to having you doing laps all summer.

Busty Hourglass: Halter type suits will give you the lift you need or look to a bustier or swim bra. Swim suits have come a long way and swim wear designers like Fables by Barrie really take a load off busy gals


Big Bust and Short Torso: Solid colors will really make waves. Look for lower leg holes like boy shorts. They will give you a long and trim appearance.


Big Bust: Roomy cups provide full coverage and an underwire gives lift.


Not so Shapley Bust and Full Thighs: Try the swim bra featured above. It will give you a boost. Fuller thigh gals look to high cut bottoms. It will slim you legs and create height.


Classic Pear Shape: Defiantly balance out your proportions with a bust boosting top and higher cut bottoms.

Thick waist and No Hips: Welcome to my world. Blouse styled swim wear is comfy, roomy and still gives you curves.


Petite all Over: Look to prints they add substance to a small frame. Go for the deep V plunge neckline. It will turn your athletic build into a more womanly shape. The deep V plunge also applies to the thick waist no hips gal.


The following suit really is terrific for pear shape.

Thick waist and short torso gals. The center color enhances the waist line.

The classic suits, Buffalo Gal  features will never be out of style and will have you keeping America beautiful.

From authentic vintage bathing suits to reproduction bathing suits, buffalogalvintage is having aheck of a sale. We'er looking to sell out of swimwear such as Fables by Barrie, Stop Staring, Betty Page, Iron Fist and Sourpuss. Grab them now while they are in stock. Don't forget THE REAL DEAL. Vintage swimwear is perfect for Pin Up phtoshoots, remaking some the past decades best sellers or taking it pool side. Come on in, the water is fine! 

Buffalo Gal Vintage brings you a summer line of original vintage 1960s day dresses. They are right in line with the current Mad Men television series era. The dresses are all new dead stock and the original tags were removed for dry cleaning. Enjoy the vintage dress look for less, as these dresses are all low cost and reasonably priced. Some are even on sale!

Have fun with the dresses and update the look with a pair of current style heels or stay Old School and grab a pair of legging, wedge heels or pick up a pair of go-go boots from our shoe department. So, get your Goldie Hawn on and do the pony or the jerk dance moves and twist to the latest trend. 

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